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FS Qty - 1580
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Tariff Info: HTS: 85366940
Mfg Part #:


Disty Part #: AMP776231-1
Manufacturer: TE CNTY AMP
Part Description: HEADER ASSY, 35 POS VERTICAL
Unit of Measure: Each
Data Sheet:


RoHS: 776231-1 RoHS Compliant Yes
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Product Change Notice

Effective Date Description of Change Download
9/2/2019 E-19-010127 - AMPSEAL Products shipping location change from Tullahoma TN USA to Distribution Center at Greensboro NC USA.776231-1
1/31/2019 E-18-019025 - Location Change. This PCN is an addendum to previous AMPSEAL PCN numbers E-18-008460. In an effort to maximize our capacity, our intent is to move the molding of the header housing and the dispensing of the flange seal material on the header assemblies from the current TE molding and assembly manufacturing location to a new single TE manufacturing location in Empalme, Sonora, Mexico. This second TE facility is located in the same compound as the current TE facility.
11/5/2018 E-18-016185 - Addendum to PCN E-18-008460. The PPAP submission email address was not included in PCN E-18-008460. To aid in customer PPAP receipt, this information is being supplied.776231-1
8/1/2018 E-18-008460 - Scope of changes in this notification include: New capacity molds, Additional automated assembly lines, Assembly line transfers Manufacturing location change: from Empalme, Sonora, Mexico to Tullahoma TN Plant. (Tullahoma plant is IATF certified) Packaging change: To meet AIAG standards, Automated packaging in plastic trays, Better protection during shipping, Quantity per box change.776231-1
6/18/2018 P-18-015636 - Manufacturing Location Change. TE Empalme Consolidation Project Molding Process. Dear customer, we are proud to announce that TE Connectivity, Automotive Business Unit is in the process of a Consolidation Project in the Empalme location the objective is to consolidate Plant 1 (Molding & Mechatronics) and Plant 4 (Assembly) into a single building, in the same industrial park. This notification includes only the first stage of the molding process move. (As a continuation of PCN P-17-015262).776231-1
5/31/2018 E-18-005851 - A duplication of the flange seal material dispensing equipment at the TE manufacturing plant in Empalme, Mx
Reason For Change: This PCN is an advanced notification of manufacturing changes to the AMPSEAL Sealed Header Product Line. This product line has seen extensive demand increases that has impacted on-time deliveries. We are notifying you that a duplication of the flange seal material dispensing equipment is being released at the TE manufacturing plant in Empalme, Mx. This equipment will be used to address these significant demand increases in the AMPSEAL product line. Due to the urgency, TE is proceeding with the project and changes above. The effective date of assemblies from new dispensing equipment is targeted for 05/31/18.
1/16/2017 E-16-014878 - Product Improvement. In an effort to continuously provide quality product improvements, TE manufacturing will be changing the current flange seal material on the AMPSEAL headers in Jan 2017. The new material color will be opaque with the current material being black. The new seal material has a Shore hardness of approximately 40, vs the current Shore hardness of approximately 30, which will allow manufacturing to better control the height and width of the flange seal during application. The new stiffer material will not droop after application to the header flange so the new height will be 1.7 and the width of 2.4 will be maintained. The new material has been tested by Product Engineering and meets all testing described in Product Spec 108-1329.776231-1
6/30/2016 P-16-012681 - Product improvement. TE will be changing the material currently used on the Dispense In Place (DIP) seal on the header flange.776231-1
6/30/2014 E-14-009815 - Document Clarification.776231-1
12/11/2013 E-13-019298 - Changing all dimensions that are controlled by molding to reference dimensions because they are not affected by the assembly process.776231-1


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