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Tariff Info: HTS: 85389081
Mfg Part #:


Disty Part #: AMP828922-1
Manufacturer: TE CNTY AMP
Part Description: 2,5MM CAVITY PLUG FOR 5,4MM DI
Unit of Measure: Each
Data Sheet:


RoHS: 828922-1 RoHS Compliant Yes
Series: N07 - Timer - Seals
Category: Timer Contacts
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Product Change Notice

Effective Date Description of Change Download
1/3/2020 P-19-018198 - Product Improvement. These changes are part of an overall effort from TE to improve our supply chain toward our customers and to focus each plant on core products and processes.
1/3/2020 P-19-018198 - Product Improvement. These changes are part of an overall effort from TE to improve our supply chain toward our customers and to focus each plant on core products and
5/15/2018 P-18-015715 - Part status change: passage from single source material to dual source material. Introduction of a Silicone dual source material (LSR 2020) because of shortage of original raw material (LR 3003/20). The dual source material introduced is the corresponding material proposed by an already used supplier and it has the same Silicone Class and material characteristic.828922-1
4/22/2018 P-17-014826 - a new tool 21-0067875, which is under construction In order to meet all specification requirements to cover increasing market demand and which will run in addition to the current one.828922-1
2/12/2018 P-17-015183 - Manufacturing Location Change. TE Brazil change import source from EMEA to North America.828922-1
4/11/2016 P-16-012575 - UPDATE TO PCN P-16-012523. To ensure a smooth and stable transition from SWDC to EPDC, TE will be delaying the transition from the current Santa Teresa, NM DC (SWDC) to the new El Paso, TX DC (EPDC), originally scheduled to implement February 8th - 15th, is now scheduled to implement April 11th - 15th. This delay will allow extended testing on all SAP systems and procedures to ensure a seamless transition into the new warehouse. As we migrate the product and go-live on the new SAP WM software, it is critical to ensure this testing and training is fully incorporated into the systems and operational processes in the new El Paso warehouse. Based on the revised timing of transition, both Customer Shipments and Supplier Deliveries will continue to process from the Santa Teresa, NM location: Address: 101 Lindbergh, Santa Teresa, NM 88008, DUNS Code: 036967748. See attached Customer Letter.828922-1
4/1/2016 P-16-012701 - UPDATE TO PCN# P-16-012575 & P-16-012523. Due to the localization of new capacity mold to support customer demands in North and South America, we hereby inform you of a change of Distribution Center to ship the below listed TE Connectivity Part Numbers. This will take effect immediately. Your TE Customer Care Representative will contact you to review any special arrangements required and to make any appropriate adjustments to your DUNS/Vendor Codes/Supplier Codes for the new Distribution Center.828922-1
2/15/2016 P-16-012523 - Location Change. TE has established a new Distribution Center in El Paso, TX to support our South-West Customers. The transition to El Paso will take place during the weekend of February 13th - 14th.828922-1
10/28/2015 P-15-011946 - Product improvement. Current demand in EMEA has San Salvo out of capacity and with new launch product needing a production location, this additional global capacity is needed in order to retain this revenue within TE.828922-1
7/31/2015 P-14-010680 - Product improvement.828922-1
4/28/2014 P-14-009873 - Document clarification.828922-1

Customer Also Bought

Mfg Part # Description Series
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1418882-1 COVER FOR 62POS.REC.HSG H94 - Leavyseal
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967650-1 1.5MM BU-STE KPL 7P J93 - DIN

Product Features

Product Type Features
Product TypeAccessory
Accessory TypeSealing Plug
Accessory TypeCavity (Deadend) Plug
Product LineTimer Products
Configuration Features
GET 0.64 Connector SystemYes
Single Wire Sealing SystemNo
Industry Standards
RoHS/ELV ComplianceRoHS compliant
RoHS/ELV ComplianceELV compliant
Lead Free Solder ProcessesNot relevant for lead free process
RoHS/ELV Compliance HistoryAlways was RoHS compliant
Application UseWire-to-Wire
Packaging Features
Packaging MethodLoose Piece
Packaging Quantity10,000
SeriesJunior-Power-Timer (JPT)
SeriesMultiple Contact Point (MCP)
Series1.5/2.5/4.0mm Pin Diameter Connector System

Product Line/Family

Mfg Part # Descriptiontop
1-962915-1 FLACHSTECKER2,8X0,8
1-963860-1 FLACHSTECKER2,8X0,8
1-968849-1 AMP MCP 2.8, CONTACT
1-968849-1 AMP MCP 2.8, CONTACT
1-968851-1 AMP MCP 2.8, CONTACT
1-968853-1 AMP MCP 2.8, CONTACT
1-968855-1 AMP MCP2.8,CONTACT,SWS
1-968855-1 AMP MCP2.8,CONTACT,SWS
1-968855-2 AMP MCP 2.8, CONTACT SWS
1-968855-3 AMP MCP 2.8, CONTACT SWS
1-968857-1 AMP MCP 2.8, CONTACT SWS
1-968857-1 AMP MCP 2.8, CONTACT SWS
1-968857-3 AMP MCP 2.8, CONTACT SWS
1-968857-3 AMP MCP 2.8, CONTACT SWS
1241374-1 AMP MCP 1.5K, CONTACT
1241380-2 AMP MCP 1.5K, CONTACT, SWS
1241380-3 AMP MCP 1.5K, CONTACT, SWS
1326030-2 2.8MM RECP,UNSEAL,18-20AWG
1326030-7 2.8MM RECP,UNSEAL,14-16AWG,REV
1394872-1 SEALING PLUG 1,5MM


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