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HARTING Han-Modular Gigabit Cat 7A Module

HARTING has designed the Han® Gigabit Module for the industry's most demanding transmission category Cat. 7A, which is suitable for 10 GB Ethernet. The module allows transmission at an operating frequency of up to 1000 MHz. Compared to the standard Cat 6A, signal integrity has significantly improved, while immunity to interference has increased as well.

Features & Benefits

  • Shielding bus separate from housing potential
    • Allows signal isolation and mitigates signal cross-talk
    • Signal integrity - Achieve Cat 7A speeds
  • 10 Gbit/s up to 1000 MHz
    • Able to achieve Cat 7A category transmission speeds and data rates signals
    • Ideal for transmission of sensitive data
  • Single slot module with GND-shield option
    • Small profile allows for compact designs
    • Space saving and cost saving


  • Industrial & Manufacturing Equipment (Not Vehicles)
  • Computer / Datacom / Telecommunications
  • Non-Auto Transportation
  • Automotive
  • Other


Bandwidth intensive applications, backbone connections between servers with a data center, high-speed interconnect used for data transfers withing a network

Product Spec Sheets and Additional Information

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