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TE MAG-MATE Terminals

MAG-MATE terminals from TE Connectivity (TE) are insulation displacement connection (IDC) terminals for copper and aluminum magnet wire terminations. New additions to the product line accommodate single or double 25-24 AWG (0.45-0.50mm dia.) aluminum magnet wires or 27-24 AWG (0.38-0.50mm dia.) copper magnet wires. MAG-MATE terminals with this wire capacity are designated as slot ID 9.

The new slot ID 9 parts are available as a poke-in terminal that accepts a 20-18 AWG (0.5-0.8mm2) solid or fused stranded lead wire or a poke-in tab, or as a combination terminal that accepts a poke-in wire as well as offering a 187 series FASTON tab as an input/output option.

Features & Benefits

  • Terminates film-insulated copper and aluminum magnet wire
  • Eliminates need for pre-stripping conductors
  • Accommodates 25-24 AWG (0.45-0.50mm dia.) aluminum wire or 27-24 AWG (0.38-0.50mm dia.) copper wire
  • Simultaneously terminates two magnet wires of the same size in one terminal (for splicing or bi-filing)
  • Eliminates soldering or welding processes that might damage heat-sensitive wiring or components


  • Industrial & Manufacturing Equipment (Not Vehicles)
  • Lighting, Signs & Displays


Motor windings and connections, coil connections, transformer windings and connections, bobbin connections, lighting ballasts, power supplies

Product Spec Sheets and Additional Information

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