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HARTING Han-Eco B Series

HARTING’s Han-Eco® B series is an expansive series of thermoplastic, economical, and corrosion-resistant hoods & housings.

The key feature of the Han-Eco B series is the option of rear mounting when assembling a switch cabinet. In order to assemble the wired insert into the bulkhead housing, the wired insert no longer needs to be fished back though the switch cabinet’s cutout from the front side. Instead, a pre-assembled wiring harness can easily be snapped into the already mounted bulkhead housing from the inside of the switch cabinet – rearward.

This option simplifies the assembly and also optimizes the assembly floor by allowing the wire harness to be a stocked item or even assembled offsite; thus saving time and cost. Switch cabinet units and cable harnesses can now be pre-assembled separately. A better division of labor is possible and, if necessary, processes can even be outsourced.

In addition, the Han-Eco B Series is fully compatible with Han® metal connectors, extending the possibility to add an economical solution to existing applications. The Han-Eco B series is also able to use any HARTING inserts, allowing any application in industrial connectivity to take advantage of this economical solution.

Features & Benefits

  • Has four internal screws to mount either a metal frame or insert
    • Mating compatibility to metal hoods and housings
    • Customer can partially retrofit old designs. ie Can mate new plastic Eco B hood with existing metal bulkhead
  • Rear side assembly with click and mate frame
    • Can build cable assemblies in a separate location then panel and then simply integrate in final assembly
    • Improved assembly production flow and throughput
  • Modular production process for thread bushings
    • Less part numbers to accommodate various gauge requirements
    • Volume pricing advantage


  • Industrial & Manufacturing Equipment (Not Vehicles)
  • Alternative Power, Fuel & Energy
  • Other


Energy, robotics, automation

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