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TE LUMAWISE Endurance N Shorting Caps

TE Connectivity’s (TE) LUMAWISE Endurance N Shorting Caps provide a safe, convenient and economical method to close or open the primary circuit path across a NEMA compliant receptacle on an outdoor light. The LUMAWISE Endurance N caps are ANSI Compliant and UL Listed. They offer an IP66 rating for outdoor harsh environments.

LUMAWISE Endurance N caps are used to disconnect service (Open Cap) or to provide continual power from the pole to the luminaire (shorting cap). A shorting cap with an integrated Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV) provides surge protection for LED luminaires that are required to be on continuously.

Features & Benefits

  • Provides IP66 water ingress protection reducing outdoor light fixture maintenance and extending operating life
  • Shorting cap with MOV protects the luminaire from transient line voltages
  • An alternative to light sensing control units
  • Distinct cap shape improves visual distinction between standard photo controls and shorting caps
  • IK08 high impact resistant


  • Lighting, Signs & Displays


Roadway lighting, street and area lighting fixtures, commercial lighting (parking lots, car dealerships, etc)

Product Spec Sheets and Additional Information

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25 …  5.0155 E
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100 …  4.2041 E
200 …  4.084 E
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