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Molex MultiCat Mid-Power Connector System

Molex MultiCat Mid-Power Connectors with precision-machined contacts can be mated quickly, ensure superior durability and proper connection via connector position assurance (CPA) making it effective in multiple industry categories.

Currently, locking mechanisms on many wire-to-wire (W-to-W) and wire-to-board (W-to-B) power connectors are metalized, increasing the connector size and weight. This creates difficulties for designers dealing with size and weight constraints in many applications, including drones and industrial automation. Molex has designed the W-to-W and W-to-B MulitCat Power Connector with a locking mechanism that is both compact and lightweight, easing OEMs’ design constraints.

In highly competitive markets, cost-conscious OEMs are looking for ways to reduce production costs. The MultiCat Power Connector locking mechanism is not metalized, unlike other power connectors currently on the market, making it the more economical choice. Additionally, its positive lock and CPA actuation make assembly easier, reducing costly errors and reducing assembly time.

Features & Benefits

  • Lightweight and compact wire-to-wire, wire-to-board (vertical only)
  • Accommodates between 20 and 28 AWG wire 8-and 20-circuit inline available
  • Offers design flexibility for applications requiring mid-range power
  • Helps mitigate space and weight constraints
  • -40 to +150ºC operating temperature range for both high-and mid-power connector systems enables use in harsh temperature environments
  • 2 keying options; 2 housing color options
  • Polarization incorporated into latch eliminates assembly errors removes need for separate polarizing tabs
  • Manual mating / unmating facilitates quick assembly - no tooling or hardware required


  • Medical Electronics
  • Industrial & Manufacturing Equipment (Not Vehicles)
  • Non-Auto Transportation


MRI equipment, drones, industrial motor applications, bullet trains, satellite dishes

Product Spec Sheets and Additional Information

Molex MultiCat Power Connectors with Precision-Machined Contacts Video

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