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Airpax 6600 and 6700 Series Thermostat

The Airpax 6600 series thermostat dimensionally conforms to the international product package standard 8-pin DIP (N8A Dual Inline Package). The 6600 is ideally suited for use on printed circuit boards. Its size and shape conserves space on crowded PC boards and can be installed using auto-insertion equipment. The device is sealed to withstand wave soldering and board washing operations.

The Airpax 6700 series thermostat dimensionally conforms to the international product package standard Y220 / TO220. Therefore, the 6700 may be automatically placed and soldered onto PC boards with high speed automated equipment, eliminating the need for the expensive hand placement and termination required for most power supply thermostats. The nickel-plated copper mounting bracket comes standard, or you can utilize the laminated nonconductive mounting bracket for increased dielectric strength and VDE approval.

Features & Benefits

  • Compatible with standard auto-insertion equipment.
  • Sealed to withstand wave soldering and board washing.
  • Gold plated cross-bar contacts - excellent for logic level loads.
  • Low mass provides faster response time than ½- inch thermostats.
  • PCB terminals eliminate need for costly lead wires and mounting hardware.
  • Temperature set point does not vary with contact current load (within rated load conditions).
  • Snap-acting contacts provide clean make and break with low contact bounce.
  • Design prevents field tampering or damage leading to temperature set point changes.
  • Sensing and switching in one package - unlike thermistors which require added circuitry.


  • Industrial & Manufacturing Equipment (Not Vehicles)
  • Appliance & Climate Control
  • Computer / Datacom / Telecommunications
  • Military / Aerospace / Aviation


Power supplies, telecommunications, battery chargers, servo drives, IT cooling equipment, emergency lighting, machine tools, RF and microwave amplifiers

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