8/21/2019 10:59:13 PM
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TE LUMAWISE LED holder for Bridgelux Vesta Series

TE Connectivity (TE) introduces a LUMAWISE LED holder product extension for Bridgelux®Vesta® series dim-to-warm COB LEDs. LUMAWISE LED holders are market proven providing a reliable electrical and mechanical connection for a light fixture’s power source, heat sink and reflector. Clearance was created within the existing one piece Z45 and Z35 series LED holder housings to accommodate added components on the Vesta COB products. Poke-in wire connections for ease of termination and adhesive tape for COB retention during assembly are features carried over from the original Z45 and Z35 LED holders.

A standard 35mm screw pitch enables the use of standard heatsink drilling and mounting procedures, and a 120 degree optic angle incorporated to the housing of the low profile holder keeps light loss to a minimum. TE’s LUMAWISE Z45 and Z35 LED Holders enable compliance to the Zhaga book 3 standard and are compatible with other Zhaga LED lighting components.

Features & Benefits

  • Provides a reliable, competitively priced solution utilizing our one-piece housing design
  • Quick and easy assembly of the COB LEDs into the luminaire
  • Optics close to light emitting area
  • Fast and easy termination


  • Lighting, Signs & Displays


Spot Lights, downlights, track lights, street lights, general lighting, horticultural lighting

Product Spec Sheets and Additional Information

Request More Information & Samples

2-2325811-1 TE CNTY AMP LUMAWISE Z45 LED Holder Pan Head Screws
1 …  1.38863E
150 …  1.19927E
350 …  1.164 E
650 …  1.13074E

3-2213678-3 TE CNTY AMP LUMAWISE Z35 LED Holder Pan Head Screws
1 …  1.09376E
200 …  0.94461E
450 …  0.91683E
850 …  0.89063E
1,650 …  0.89063E

3-2213678-4 AMP TE CNTY AMP Connectors LED & Lighting, LED Bulb & Arr
1 …  0.95221E
200 …  0.82237E
500 …  0.79818E
950 …  0.77537E
1,850 …  0.77537E

3-2325811-1 AMP TE CNTY AMP Connectors LED & Lighting, LED Bulb & Arr



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