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OMRON W7ED Touch Sensor

The OMRON W7ED Touch Sensor is a capacitance-type touch sensor, suitable for embedding in equipment. By utilizing existing OMRON technology for newer product development, customers can easily create new products by only customizing the outer casing. Touch electrodes and touch sensor electrodes can be fastened just using screws, enabling touch sensor configurations to be created that suit your application. 

Features & Benefits

  • No moving parts
    • Reducing the chance of mechanical malfunction, aiding in longer life span
  • Compact size: 15x15x5.5mm
    • Size reduction: reduces space consumption compared to other touch sensors
  • Capacitance-type conductive technology
    • Able to detect changes in capacitance from a light touch
    • Flexible design into any application
    • Lower power consumption
  • Flat surface design
    • Low profile allows for a small structural footprint within application
    • Able to be used in clean environments
  • Touch electrode design
    • Resistant to environmental effects
  • Fully customizable with standard footprint
    • Keeps standard footprint for design convenience while allowing for customization with conductive material around the casing


  • Industrial & Manufacturing Equipment (Not Vehicles)
  • Lighting, Signs & Displays
  • Consumer Electronics


Lights, elevators, vending machines, faucets, automatic door, water dispenser, clean bench, food-processing machinery, walker assistance for elderly, laser welding machine, portable cleaner

Product Spec Sheets and Additional Information

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