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3M 7700 Series Round Conductor Flat, Controlled Impedance Cable

The 3M Round Conductor Flat, Controlled Impedance Cable, 7700 Series, is a 0.025" flat ribbon cable that can deliver up to 20 Gbps when directly soldered to a board or up to 14 Gbps when terminated with an insulation displacement contact (IDC) connector.

3M's 7700 series cable is an excellent choice for a wide range of controlled impedance wire-to-board applications. It is intended for internal transmission line applications where speed is the characteristic vital to a customer's design.

3M 7700 series offers a breakthrough in high-speed ribbon cable design. The cable is flexible and foldable to accommodate tight spaces with minimal impact to performance.

Features & Benefits

  • Revolutionary ribbon cable construction that's fast, flat, foldable - and fit for IDC!
  • Terminate it to insulation displacement contact (IDC) connectors, or solder it directly to a PCB
  • With 95 Ohm impedance, cable delivers up to 5 Gbps over 1 meter using the 3M™ Wire-to-Board System, 1.27 mm, 450 Series connectors
  • Excellent choice for insulation-displacement contact (IDC) applications
  • 30 AWG solid conductor in polyolefin (PO) insulator, laminated to a flexible foil shield
  • Available in conductor counts in increments of 10 through 100


  • Industrial & Manufacturing Equipment (Not Vehicles)
  • Computer / Datacom / Telecommunications
  • Gaming & Vending Systems
  • Contract Manufacturing


ATE, Routers, Switches, Multiplexers, Robots, Kiosks, Vending Machines, Wireless Base Stations

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