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WAGO 221 Series Compact Splicing Connectors

The WAGO LEVER-NUTS® 221 Series Compact Splicing Connector is the successor to the Classic Compact Splicing Connectors of the 222 Series. With the proven lever technology of the 221 Series, WAGO ensures that you can connect all wire types (solid, stranded, flexible) without the need for any tools.

The new connector family is 40% smaller than its predecessor - providing 40% more junction box space for the user. The housing is 100% transparent, allowing you to easily verify that the wire is inserted properly, and that the wire is stripped to a proper length.

Features & Benefits

  • The compact housing size reduces box-fill, meaning the space in the junction box can be used in optimal way
  • The transparent housing promotes the safe installation of the connector by allowing for visual verification of proper strip length and proper insertion
  • The two test slots allow easy access for test probes, regardless of its orientation
  • The connector accepts of all wire types in a wide range of sizes, so it can be used in various applications
  • The lever forces are significantly reduced as compared to the 222 Series, which means that handling of the 221 Series is more comfortable
  • The recessed sidewalls provide additional handling comfort of the connector during installation
  • The contrast of the black printing on the transparent housing provides maximum legibility of the technical data
  • The connector provides the connection of solid, stranded, and flexible wires up to 12 AWG
  • The connector is completely re-usable


  • Lighting, Signs & Displays
  • Appliance & Climate Control
  • Other


Lighting, Home Automation, Junction Boxes

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